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Closers HQ - Send unlimited cold emails from unlimited mailboxes. | Product Hunt

Send unlimited cold emails

Warm up unlimited mailboxes, and send unlimited emails. ClosersHQ is for sales teams sending high-volume.

Everything you need to automate your cold emailing

ClosersHQ gives you the blocks & components you need to create and automate all your outbound sales and cold emailing campaigns.

Automated sales efforts

Unique features you wouldn't see elsewhere.

Build intuitive flows

Use advanced tooling to build robust sales processes.

Sender rotation

Launch a single campaign with multiple sender email accounts.


Personalize contents with customer data, sender variables, and spintax.

More Control

Custom domain

Track open rate with custom domain

Block list

List of emails or domains of emails to not send to

Complete campaign personalization kit

  • Prospect properties: personalize email content and subject using prospect properties like first name, last name, or anything else.

  • Sender variable: personalize emails with the sending mailbox variables like name of sender, company, or anything else

  • Spintax: allows you to send as many unique emails as possible. This helps ensure each email is unique and not picked up as spam.