It can be difficult keep track of "winning strategies" when it comes to cold emailing. This is why we built features into Murlist that automate the important aspects for you. We don't just give out advice and write blog posts on what you should do, we build tools to automate it for you.

Campaign sender rotation

To stay safe, one of the most important things to do is keep the number of emails sent within a healthy range. Desperate spammers rely heavily on a large number to justify their effort. Spam filters and mail providers know this.

Rotating the sender email can help achieve better deliverability. Rotating sender email allows you to launch and send a single campaign with multiple sender emails or SMTP.  The point here is the one-to-many relationship between the campaign and the sender accounts attached to it. You can learn more about how it works here.

Until now, the industry standard is one sender account per campaign. If you are sending to a huge list of prospects, your sender reputation is sure to take a hit at some point.

Our experience and experiment have revealed that the lower the volume, the less likely your sender reputation will take any hit. But your business might need to send more than just a few emails per day.
Hence we introduced sender rotation to help lower the chances that your sender reputation takes any hit during your outbound sales effort.

There are multiple other factors, like email content, and quality of leads that may affect email deliverability.

Here is how inbox rotation works. Say you launched a campaign that will send 100 emails per day, selected up to 5 sender accounts. Here is what will happen:
On the first day, sending will be distributed across them nearly equally. On subsequent days, sender accounts performing better will send more.
To determine which sender accounts to prioritize, we consider the overall open rate and the reply rate for each account.

We found sender rotation to be very helpful in maintaining a healthy reputation with a measurable impact on deliverability and open rate.

Remember it is free to sign up and try the email campaign features, including inbox rotation. If you run into any problem, be sure to reach out to us at or via the chatbox on our website