If you are here, you are probably no stranger to cold emails. You already know how powerful cold emails campaigns can be if done right.
You probably also know that emails have to stay out of spam to get replies. If you are sending a high volume, the content of the emails must be unique, for each prospect, to stay out of spam.

You get the idea now? First, you need replies to make sales, but you need emails out of spam to get replies. But you need the content of the emails to be unique to stay out of spam. It's like a chain; one begets the other.


Of course, there are outliers to this chain but this is the natural path of success with cold email outreach campaigns.

This is where email spintax comes into play. The word spintax is a combination of two words, spinning and syntax. Spintax is short for "spinning syntax".
The first part of that amalgamation, spinning, refers to randomly selecting a word, phrase from a list of words or phrases. In other words, spinning texts. The last part, syntax, refers to how and where it should be placed.

So to create unique email content for each recipient, spintax allows you to provide a set of words, phrases that are interchangeable. From these words, phrases, or sentences will be 'spun' to use in the email content sent to each recipient.

Spintax Cold Email is a Murlist feature that gives you the ability to generate hundreds of unique email content for each prospect on your email campaign list.

Mailbox providers have sophisticated algorithms to detect spam, but that wouldn't be required to detect your email as spam if you send the same email copy to a hundred users. Sending the same email to a hundred users will get you the newsletter tab if you are lucky. And let's face it, no one reads those. Realistically though, relegation to the spam box is the most likely outcome.


So spintax is especially needful if you are sending a high volume of emails as it sets you up for success. At least, it does increase your chances of success in landing in the main inbox.

How to use spintax in cold email?

It is pretty easy and straightforward. Here is a sample {word 1 | word 2 | word 3}. Using single curly brackets to denote syntax. Not to be confused with double brackets which is used for personalization and fallback.
Our system automatically detects this and spins the text for each recipient on your list.
Spintax works for both the email subject as well as the email content. You can use it in any of these areas without issues.

Here is a much more practical example of spintax cold email:

Sample text:

{Without a doubt| I am confident}, cold email is {an effective way | a great sales channel} to {generate sales | reach out to new prospects}.

Here are the likely contents to be generated from the sample text above:

  • Without a doubt, cold email is an effective way to generate sales.
  • I am confident, cold email is an effective way to reach out to new prospects.
  • I am confident, cold email is a great sales channel to reach out to new prospects.

plus many more but I am confident you get the idea.

With just this spintax you set the possibility for hundreds of unique sentences to be generated.
You guessed it, the probability of generation unique text increases with an increase in spintax usage. So go wild if you must, we have no limit on the number of spintax you can use.

When matched with sender rotation, you have unique email content sent from a unique address for each prospect in an outbound sales campaign.

Why use spintax?

The purpose of creating unique content for each recipient on your list is to follow the anti-Spam guideline. Simply put, so you don't announce yourself as a spammer to Google and other major mail providers and spam filters.

The idea of spintax has been around for some time now. Spintax cold email is being used in both marketing and other sectors because it can be used to create unique content at scale without sacrificing quality.

It is not until in recent years that we started adapting it for sales outreach. The goal remains the same, create unique content that has a measurable impact on campaign ROI.

In conclusion, spintax, which stands for 'spinning syntax', is a great way to create unique email content for each prospect on your email campaign list. The use of unique content helps in not getting flagged as spam by mail providers and spam filters. Which helps with deliverability and increases the chances of getting a reply.

At murlist, we take pride in providing unique practices, and working implementations of them, that are tailored to help you get the most of your outbound sales efforts, not just write about how wonderful they are. To this end, Murlist now supports spintax - you spoke and we listened. You can easily add syntax in both the email subject and in the email body.

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to us at support@closershq.io, or via the chatbox below. We are always available to answer all your questions.